North Point Framing & Finish was established in June of 1995.  Current co-owners and partners, Doug Schmidt and Jay Mauter, believed they could enter into the residential construction market and be successful on merits of quality work, honest relationships with clients, and to strive for complete satisfaction.  

With roughly two weeks of work lined up and several request for quotes, we made a difficult decision to leave our current employer and try it on our own.  We learned quickly there was much more to owning a small business than just doing a job and collecting a check.  We have always done business on the up and up and the learning curve to structure a company legally and professionally came very fast.  We are lucky to have a group of close friends that lead us to some quality professionals to help us structure North Point. 

We started out in 1995 by building a structure that was turned down by other contractors.  The roof system only for a building was purchased by a customer (a discounted package), we where asked if we could design, build and install a building to accept this complex truss system and we said, "Sure”.  That kind of set a tone with us, we have always enjoyed things that are a little more difficult.

We are very proud of the Four Pillar house on Canal Rd in Waterville that we built; we personally put every piece of wood in that home.  We learned then that home building was not for us, it was extremely demanding for a two man crew.  And that market is flooded with home builders or so called home builders.  We chose to stay small and controllable, and stick with additions, remodels, and kitchens.

North Point specializes in room additions, remodels and are especially proud of our custom kitchens. We are lucky to be surrounded by a core group of subcontractors that for the most part have been with us for over ten years.  We encourage direct communication with our clients and subs and address situations and issues immediately.  The relationship with our customer is of paramount importance and that is our main goal.  If word of mouth is truly your best advertisement than we must say we are successful, because we have never advertised much outside of the handshake we give when leaving another satisfied customer.
Doug Schmidt - Co-Owner, NorthPoint Remodeling

Doug Schmidt

North Point Remodeling
After being introduced to carpentry at a young age, Doug followed his passion and graduated from Penta County Vocational H.S. in 1991.  He is committed to quality and customer satisfaction, which drives him to continue learning about new products.  He has been instrumental in attaining certification of Anderson Window Installation and Service for North Point.

Doug and Jay pride themselves with providing excellent customer service and delivering an exceptional project.  This comes from working closely with the customer and keeping each other informed as details arise.  They understand that a home project of any kind can be disruptive to the flow of daily life.  They maintain a clean work environment and are sensitive to the needs of the home owner.

Doug and his wife Jenny were married in 1994.  They have 3 children, Dustin, Riley and Julia.  Doug stays active in the community by coaching a co-ed softball team and coordinating a co-ed community basketball fun league. 

Jay Mauter - Co-Owner, NorthPoint Remodeling

Jay Mauter

North Point Remodeling
After graduation in 1982 From Penta County Vocational High School in the carpentry field, Jay started his career in the building business by working for a custom home builder.  He advanced in the field by getting more involved in the rough structure of homes with a strong interest in complicated roof design and special feature’s uncommon to the typical residence.  

With 35 years in the industry and the majority being hands on, he has acquired well-rounded knowledge of the inner workings of residences.  The advantage being that if a situation arises we can offer a solution that takes in to account the scope of work being done and not compromising the integrity of the home.   

Acquiring and using the knowledge he has gained and being part of the wonderful projects North Point has completed has been incredibly rewarding.  Jay has used his knowledge and excitement to pass down to others, some of the most rewarding times for him are working with both Boy Scouts and Big Brothers Big Sisters.  

Jay and his wife Sue reside in South Toledo having raised two kids, both of whom are also proudly active in volunteering. 
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